6 rules for underage driving and advice to parents

With more teenagers claiming their right to drive before they hit age 20, car rental under 21 is fast becoming a trend. Unfortunately, underage driving has in many cases caused accidents that have gone on to shatter many lives. This is most times because of parental negligence to the escapades of teenage kids.

Parents are therefore urged to familiarize themselves with the risks associated with underage driving. Unfortunately, not all teenagers can be controlled, so it is important that they know some certain driving rules. Here are a few that you can share with your children.

Rules for Safety

1. Wear the car’s safety belt

This is probably the oldest rule in the book. Teach your children to always fasten their seat belt before they proceed to drive a vehicle.

You are 10 times more likely to be killed in an accident if you were not wearing a seat belt according to a publication by the Center for Accident Research and Road Safety in Queensland.

Seat belts may not stop you from sustaining a few bruises when in an accident but it certainly will stop you from being thrown out through the windscreen.

2. Always be on the lookout for blind spots

Your side and rear mirrors will not always show you everything, you need to be alert to major blindspots:

– Before joining other traffic.

– Before switching lanes (especially when overtaking).

– Before turning, where another car is clearly visible.

– Before pulling from a kerb.

– Before and while you are making a three-point turn.

– Before parking or exiting a parking position.

You can always practice these with your child until it becomes second nature.

3. Do not use phones

Underage drivers are not allowed to use their phones while driving. So your children should not even attempt trying to make a call and driving at the same time.

4. Drive within speed limits

Over speeding is a known killer. Remind your teen that there is no need to be in a rush to overtake other vehicles when in a traffic situation.

5. Don’t drink and drive

Teenagers are not supposed to have alcohol in the first place but it is imperative to remind them of the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol.

6. Do not take too many passengers

Too many passengers can influence the way your child decides to drive. This may be born out of the need to impress or show off by driving too fast or taking dangerous turns. Try to restrict the number of teen passengers they are likely to drive around with.

Advice to parents

– Discuss with your teen the need to avoid peer influences.

– Always remind them of the dangers of road safety.

– Teach them to be responsible young adults.

– You can always hide car keys in places where your underage children cannot get to.

– Try to the of your ability to know where your kids are and what they are doing.


Underage driving cannot be totally eradicated especially with car rental under 21 fast becoming a thing. The best way to teach teens about driving is to be an example. Show them how to drive safely if they must do so.


“If you missed it during your early twenties, don’t ever think about it when you are past 25”.

Although some may doubt it, that’s the truth behind true leisure and pleasure. Mostly at the age of 18 to 24 years, most teens at this age group often brim with travelling desires, and expedition.
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Best Places to Eat, Sleep and Visit in Denver

chinese-style roast chicken thighs

Tocabe, United States Indian Restaurant

If you like typical food, you may pick out Tobace at the address 3536 W, 44th Ave, Denver. Don’t concern yourself with your time with rental24h rental car. There’s nothing to stop you of tasting actual American meals! The restaurant score on Foursquare web site is 8,9/10. Surely, Tobace provides its visitors with the best food products, services and atmosphere at wonderful prices. The menu combines typical Osage family recipes with elements of new American Indian food culture. Their completely unique food list offers you such uncommon plates like BISON RIBS just for 13 dollars, with roasted chilies plus Stewed Turkey for 11.25 dollars. Each dish is added with Indian taco, healthy greens, and fried bread. What is for dessert? Fry nuggets exclusively for $5.50 and refreshing soda in order to quench thirst at the same time! Street vehicle parking is available, or perhaps you can utilize the closest parking zone: Denver Justice Centre Garage, 1391 Delaware St, Denver, Co.

Rhein Haus

Honey sesame chicken with  fried rice and green beans

Rhein Haus is a stunning eating spot supplying German-inspired food and atmospheric interior. It is actually located about 27 mls far from Denver International Airport therefore you need about twenty nine minutes to get to it by car. Rhein Haus is quite loved by holiday makers, because of the reason, that it has received the 144 place between 2,601 restaurants in Denver. According to Foursquare, the overall mark is in fact 8.9, that is superior. The clients of Rhein Haus take note its multi-taste food list, for example pretzels (from 5.50 dollars), sausages (from 7 $), frites ($5), and a lot more Bavarian foods. Certainly, you will find also an extensive choice of Belgian, German, and American carbonated drinks. Rhein Haus is an excellent place to dine with good friends, or just celebrate any special occasion. The particular address of Rhein Haus is certainly 1706, 1415 Market Street. In the event you use rental24h car hiring at Denver flight terminal, you will be curious about parking options. Fortunately, a few vehicle parking lots are at your disposal: 1401 Market Street (20 meters away) – $5/2 hours; 1414 Blake Street (70 meters away) – $5/2 hours; 1422 Market Street (50 meters away) – $4/2 hours.

Grand Hyatt Denver

Hotel room

This is really the best option for those people who are seeking for an accommodation with nice and clean suites as well hassle-free location. The particular address is 1750 Welton Street, which is 26.3 mls away from Denver air-port. Based upon 1036 visitors’ reviews, Grand Hyatt Denver has the ranking of 9.0/10. In addition, TripAdvisor places it on the 13th position among 162 accommodations offered in Denver. Such results prove, that guests are utterly satisfied with its room conditions together with service. The hotel rooms are really convenient and has all of the facilities that is required for a hassle-free stopping. An inside pool area, a stylish gymnasium plus tennis courts and on top of that, a cafe allows you to receive maximum pleasure after a stressful day. By the way, you can find a particular terrace for sunbathing! The cost is mostly about 135 dollars a night, and that is an ideal offer for the circumstances you obtain. In the event you are traveling along with rental24h rental-car, private on-site car parking is offered for 49 USD daily.


MOXY Denver Cherry Creek

Use a car from rental24h renting a car by Denver airport, and drive straight at the address 240, Josephine Street, Denver. This hotel is positioned around twenty six miles from DEA and less than 5 miles from MOXY Denver Cherry Creek, and Pepsi Center. It owns 3 stars, nonetheless, the ranking on Booking site is 9,4/10 for a two-person trip. The sleeping rooms are huge and what is more, flat! They can include today’s TV set, air conditioning system and no cost WiFi. You will find a private bathroom and a bath set for all guest and visitors. Speaking about the costs, they start from $259 to obtain a dual hotel room. Individual car parking is available.

Kimpton Hotel Born

The Andaz Liverpool Street Hotel in the Heart of London // England // UK // Enjoy!

In case you’re trying to find an excellent 4-star accommodation in Denver, the Kimpton Born is what you will need. This trendy hotel is placed at 1600 Wewatta St. The actual distance straight from Denver airport is actually 27 miles, which will take you about thirty two minutes to get to it by automobile. First-class quality of the accommodation was agreed by plenty of vacation goers, who positioned it 9.4/10 on Booking site. Furthermore, TripAdvisor’s viewpoint is good – Kimpton Hotel Born occupies 7th position among 162 places to settle in Denver, Co. For the value of $210 for each night, you’ll get a fantastic room with air conditioner, flat-screen TV set along with a separate bath room. Robes, no cost toiletries as well as a hair dryer are given. On top of that, the resort boasts of beautiful Italian eating place with a gorgeous patio area overlooking forest in the mountains, which may be one other reason to pick out it. If you utilize rental24h hire a vehicle in Denver, Colorado, you can expect to be provided a private on-site parking for $49 per day.


Cheesman Park, Denver, Colorado

So, Cheesman Park is the most haunted area to check out in Denver, Colorado. Please do not be very impressed, the area has got an incredible rating – 4.5/5 by Tripadvisor. The lovely natural green land is arranged together with the Pavilion, flower backyards, and wonderful mountain peak views. Now, it is actually a good place for runners, doggy walkers or, just for getting memorable picnic with your family. The  GPS can guide you to find out the most appropriate method to get there, follow it and you will reach the point of your personal destination without any troubles and difficulties: the 8th Ave & Franklin st., near forty-five minutes of driving an auto by I-70 W rd, which happens to be 25 miles right from the flight terminal. Besides, Frankling st. presents the accessibility to the northwestern side of the park area, as well as popular double allee of lindens. Splendid canyons in addition to channels are ready for traveling people! rental24h auto rental found at Denver flight terminal offers you quite wide range of the autos for getting there in the easiest way. Use an auto together with rental24h in Denver and allow yourself take pleasure in the beauty of of this particular area!

Popular Apps for Drivers: Drive Safe & Feel Genius

It often happens that you spend in a car more time that you should and want to be. It may be a long-long excursion, traffic jam or a road trip, but when you’re stuck in your vehicle, you need some useful apps that can help you in any given situation. Each of them is unique in its simplicity and timely help. First of all, being a driver, you should always be careful to drive a car abroad. It is better to keep in mind one or two car rental apps to be always supportive and reliable at any situation.

Why use car rental apps?

  1. You can find the best prices for most cars
  2. You can get full excess insurance for an affordable price
  3. You can cancel your booking for free with no additional expenses
  4. No hidden charges
  5. Breakdown assistance

Free Car Insurance Quotes - Looking For Buying First Car


Popular Apps for Drivers


Looking for a good car for rent you should pay attention to Rental24h. This app is good for picking a right vehicle from more than 1 600 car vendors. This is a way to find the cheapest prices and right car for student travelers, underage drivers, and family trips. More than 40 000 rental car spots are available all over the world. So, planning a trip to somewhere it is better to use your rental app and book a car beforehand. It must be cheaper!


If you don’t have this app, you probably shouldn’t be a driver. This is a popular GPS-based navigation app for your phone. It contains all necessary information about time of your traveling, route, hazards, GPS navigation. This is an interactive app as all drivers can put their information about the road and services here. How good is Waze for car travelers? You may check!

Gas Buddy

This is not your real friend, but rather friendly app to help the cheapest gas station near you, so you can save some money for a tasty dinner. Moreover, you can find the cheapest gas prices. Besides, you can share your comments here, while also working with some gas providers.


Whenever you go, you will always feel hungry! It cannot be easier to find the nearest eating spot but using this helpful app. Looking for a theatre, a bank or something else, AroundMe is always near to help you from your smartphone. It is available for Android or iOS.




You can be a good driver but road is full of unexpected moments and accidents. There are many situations that lead you to get anxious, stressed and confused. It’s all about the car accident. If you damaged your car, it may be very difficult to think careful. This is your opportunity to record all important information about the accident with the help of iWrecked. Luckily, the app is good for Android and iOS.


This helpful app is good every time you need fast and truthful information about fuel, dead battery, tire change, or vehicle support service Honk is what you need. The app is available for all platforms and it is free. You pay only when you use one or another service.

Jaguar Land Rover showcase a remote control Range Rover Sport



This helpful tool shows everything about your car: your mileage, gas usage, maintenance and the general expenses of your car. You can do everything with this app ON TIME. It always reminds you of your scheduled maintenances, expenses, your vehicles operational.

Carrr Matey

This app reminds you about your car parking place. Don’t be surprised! How many times have you forgotten where you parked your car? It usually takes much time to find a right place especially you are in a foreign city. With Carrr Matey, you’ll never forget about the place you parked your vehicle. What is more, you can also use the timer to know for sure the time your parking ticket is over. The app is available for Android and iOS.


This unique app makes everything for your communication. You have to register first and find a partner to talk from over 10,000 registered members. The number of partners is growing from all over the world. You can chat with your new friends via the app, plan your travel route according to their advices. It is especially good for single travelers for not to be bored or confused with something new and unexpected while they are traveling.



Craftsman Garage Door App

If you use your smartphone even for opening your door, this app is for you. Craftsman app helps you to control your garage door even sitting in your cup holder. The app also informs you when the door was closed or opened. It can be programmed to control or open the door on a timer. Of course, it is good for home drivers, but the app is useless if you are travelling abroad. It is available for both iOS and Android.

Driving is a popular way of transportation. This is a unique opportunity to travel all over the world. You, as a driver, should use your smartphone to make your life easier and more comfortable. It’s generally good practice to not use your smartphone while driving. However, there were some apps that can be genuinely helpful. Having at least one of them makes your driving experience more pleasant.