Popular Apps for Drivers: Drive Safe & Feel Genius

It often happens that you spend in a car more time that you should and want to be. It may be a long-long excursion, traffic jam or a road trip, but when you’re stuck in your vehicle, you need some useful apps that can help you in any given situation. Each of them is unique in its simplicity and timely help. First of all, being a driver, you should always be careful to drive a car abroad. It is better to keep in mind one or two car rental apps to be always supportive and reliable at any situation.

Why use car rental apps?

  1. You can find the best prices for most cars
  2. You can get full excess insurance for an affordable price
  3. You can cancel your booking for free with no additional expenses
  4. No hidden charges
  5. Breakdown assistance

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Popular Apps for Drivers


Looking for a good car for rent you should pay attention to Rental24h. This app is good for picking a right vehicle from more than 1 600 car vendors. This is a way to find the cheapest prices and right car for student travelers, underage drivers, and family trips. More than 40 000 rental car spots are available all over the world. So, planning a trip to somewhere it is better to use your rental app and book a car beforehand. It must be cheaper!


If you don’t have this app, you probably shouldn’t be a driver. This is a popular GPS-based navigation app for your phone. It contains all necessary information about time of your traveling, route, hazards, GPS navigation. This is an interactive app as all drivers can put their information about the road and services here. How good is Waze for car travelers? You may check!

Gas Buddy

This is not your real friend, but rather friendly app to help the cheapest gas station near you, so you can save some money for a tasty dinner. Moreover, you can find the cheapest gas prices. Besides, you can share your comments here, while also working with some gas providers.


Whenever you go, you will always feel hungry! It cannot be easier to find the nearest eating spot but using this helpful app. Looking for a theatre, a bank or something else, AroundMe is always near to help you from your smartphone. It is available for Android or iOS.




You can be a good driver but road is full of unexpected moments and accidents. There are many situations that lead you to get anxious, stressed and confused. It’s all about the car accident. If you damaged your car, it may be very difficult to think careful. This is your opportunity to record all important information about the accident with the help of iWrecked. Luckily, the app is good for Android and iOS.


This helpful app is good every time you need fast and truthful information about fuel, dead battery, tire change, or vehicle support service Honk is what you need. The app is available for all platforms and it is free. You pay only when you use one or another service.

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This helpful tool shows everything about your car: your mileage, gas usage, maintenance and the general expenses of your car. You can do everything with this app ON TIME. It always reminds you of your scheduled maintenances, expenses, your vehicles operational.

Carrr Matey

This app reminds you about your car parking place. Don’t be surprised! How many times have you forgotten where you parked your car? It usually takes much time to find a right place especially you are in a foreign city. With Carrr Matey, you’ll never forget about the place you parked your vehicle. What is more, you can also use the timer to know for sure the time your parking ticket is over. The app is available for Android and iOS.


This unique app makes everything for your communication. You have to register first and find a partner to talk from over 10,000 registered members. The number of partners is growing from all over the world. You can chat with your new friends via the app, plan your travel route according to their advices. It is especially good for single travelers for not to be bored or confused with something new and unexpected while they are traveling.



Craftsman Garage Door App

If you use your smartphone even for opening your door, this app is for you. Craftsman app helps you to control your garage door even sitting in your cup holder. The app also informs you when the door was closed or opened. It can be programmed to control or open the door on a timer. Of course, it is good for home drivers, but the app is useless if you are travelling abroad. It is available for both iOS and Android.

Driving is a popular way of transportation. This is a unique opportunity to travel all over the world. You, as a driver, should use your smartphone to make your life easier and more comfortable. It’s generally good practice to not use your smartphone while driving. However, there were some apps that can be genuinely helpful. Having at least one of them makes your driving experience more pleasant.

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